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And, after living with artist Cindy Sherman and doing a degree, she spent a few post-grad years roaming Italy, before living in a shack in the Catskills Mountains. The furore created by the appearance of her untamed, unfettered pubic hair in Girls baffled her. This is how I feel comfortable. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her enchantment with the West Coast quickly waned.

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With friend Maggie Gyllenhaal Credit:

In that respect, I have a lot in common with Ali.
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I loved your guest appearance on Louie last season.

I was just sweating bullets!
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I was never that famous.

The gender stuff is just part of it without her moving toward that specifically.

She seems much darker than the other characters.

I spent my 20s letting myself flounder.

She breaks glass in her bare hands and dances like a woman possessed.

I just improvised it.

Lena and I are both good friends with an old friend of mine, Claire Danes.

Despite the cultural taboo of male nudity on screen, Duplass' story conveys how gender norms and expectations play out differently for men and women.

Every once in a while I would say, 'I don't want to do this anymore,' and I would go back to third grade, and after six months I'd say, 'OK, I'm bored.

I think the implication when people say that is, 'Oh, it's brave for you and Lena to be naked because you don't look like you're supposed to look.