George w bush nude.The uploaded content also included photos of Bush with Bill Clinton and clothes designer Ralph Lauren, and of his son George W Bush posing next to a cardboard cutout with his face attached to it.

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Painted himself. Signing up for our weekly newsletter means you will get the latest tech news straight to your inbox. Madame Tussaud wax figures?

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Interesting Links Bush offers words of sympathy to tech industry It is not yet clear how the hacker, known as "Guccifer", obtained the files.

The ex-president has provided the shots himself.
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Without doubt, some of the most embarrassing items exposed include two images of naked self-portraits of the former president in the bath and in the shower, olga korbut nude pics are believed to have been created by Bush himself, reports The Smoking Gun.

The report claims that the files included nude self portraits that Bush sent to his sister.
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Check them out below:

Instead they are the result of Bush's new fascination with painting, and what better subject, he apparently thinks, than himself nude in the shower?

Where were the nude shots?

Check them out below:

It's not often that a—wait, what?

Lehel employed several methods to break into the email, but found success simply guessing answers to security questions using publicly available information, including Wikipedia, to gain access to online accounts with Facebook, BT Internet , AOl, Yahoo and others.

If his presidency was less than Churchillian, at least he can match the British statesman and renowned Sunday painter brushstroke for brushstroke.

And the water imagery intrigues.

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A few observations:

Bush Jr.

Insisting there were no hard feelings between him and Jeb, Bush pointed to what he said was a picture of his brother.