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It was so hard for either of them to do this without slipping out of the invisibility cloak; the cloak was making everything so incredibly hard. Harry's other free hand found its way to her right breast. They like to see skin.

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Ron has seen her naked, well not completely, she was good at covering, but still, she had no clothes.

Harry was right.
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But they didn't care this time.

Of course, they did contain evil thoughts of snogging one blue-eyed red head until they were brain dead.
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Harry looked at them for one last chance at an escape.

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The only thing more shocking than just how racy the scene is for a "Potter" movie might be the identity of Watson's on-screen make-out partner.

A new approach.

He looked at each of the three.

Hermione set him on the ground; he walked into her room, and disappeared behind the door.

That way, she would have been able to stay in that position forever, and hell, she wanted to snog him.

But he did not stop, he let her catch her breath, then he continued.

Stop reading right now if you don't want details about a certain scene from the film.

Harry didn't sleep, he pretended to so that Ron and his other fellow dormitory students would, and so that he could leave the dormitory undetected.

Harry's other free hand found its way to her right breast.

They break the rules every year anyway.