Hot female rock stars nude.The muscular definition of his upper body and his confident swagger were striking that his significant, uh, passenger might not even be the first thing you notice.

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There's no longer anything remotely "new" about a year-old ass in a thong, about an under-educated twenty-something showing us she has slender inner thighs and no pubic hair. Who is the sexiest, who will show a bit more the next time, who will leave almost nothing to the imagination… Does it help their career? According to boyband member Louis Tomlinson, "Harry likes to be naked all the time. Here he has stripped down to his underwear.

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Copious nudity was pretty much the least offensive part of GG Allin's act.

The ultimate coffee table book.
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It's not very interesting.

Amy Winehouse — Paparazzi snappers often capture the debauched singer in states of undress while shopping for Space Raiders crisps and ice pops at East End newsagents in the early hours, but in Wino voluntarily stripped for a breast cancer awareness charity.
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Or maybe it was a Lincoln Continental.

Liam Payne These pictures of the One Direction singer make us want to go on vacation, stat.

The problem with all these half-naked pop stars is that they faileven as they succeed, because they are "artists" turning themselves into objects.

Career Began:

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A thoroughly pleasant experience, then.

Lady Gaga in a thong.

According to boyband member Louis Tomlinson, "Harry likes to be naked all the time.

Allin in concert.

It was as if I came out of the ocean … I was trying to fluff things up to get the blood flow to happen.

Manowar - Even Tarzan never looked as camp as Manowar do in this picture.

Call it Naked Hot Body Fatigue.

Marky Mark — The former Funky Bunch man puts the rest of the male population to shame, how can we compete with that physique?!

Because at this point Miley would have to release close-ups of her clitoris or give us a laparoscopic tour of the inside of her vaginal canal for us to see something we haven't seen before.

What he did first others copied to this very day.

New Zealand pop singer Lorde is on top of the Billboard charts right now, and she fails to get naked or wear a thong in any of her videos.