Is it better to sleep nude.A looked at data from 1, people over six years and found an association between lower sleep duration and increased risk of diabetes, which in turn can raise your risk for heart disease.

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Promote vaginal health Sleeping naked is also a great way to increase vaginal health and avoid yeast infections. Keeping your body cool is key to enjoying a night of uninterrupted sleep.

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Reduces the chance of infection This one is for the women out there!
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A key way to reduce your SOL is lowering your body temperature.

Being dissatisfied with your body image can be detrimental to your overall life satisfaction levels.
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Sleeping naked is a great way to keep testicles cool and at an optimal temperature for sperm health.

For your health, that is.

Reduce stress and anxiety Another reason sleeping naked might be a good change is that it could help reduce your overall stress and anxiety.

Improves male fertility For men hoping to become fathers, going commando in between the sheets is the way to go.

In fact, whether you sleep alone or with your S.

So, next time you hop into bed, consider getting undressed in a different way—perhaps all the way.

The neuroscientist goes on to explain that a bedroom temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit is a good target to aim for.

Avoid wool and fleece, which prevent circulation, as well as cotton.

Five hundred men were followed for up to 12 months, tracking their underwear choices, and monitoring the quality of their sperm.

Choose pajamas made of fabrics that are breathable, lightweight, and natural.

Throughout the day, your brain regulates your body temperature to keep it roughly around

It is this fat that increases your metabolism all day, helping you to lose weight.

Nod off Faster and Wake up Fresher 6:

A team of researchers from the University of Warwick and the Medical School and State University of New York, have unearthed the alarming link between sleep quality, duration and diseases.

According to thechronic sleep deprivation is linked to many health conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart and blood vessel disease, obesity, and depression.

It makes couples literally closer to each other, and the skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin.