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A lot of the time. The epic I remember best is this tale that took place in Pompeii during the Vesuvius disaster.

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At what point did it seem like you might go down the path of a writer?

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How did Daley get bitten by the written word?

When you were first going into meetings as a writer, were people surprised to recognize you from television?
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Frederick M.

Actually, before they had gotten any of their cast, it was up for debate what the general age of the three guys would be.

How did Daley get bitten by the written word?

In public interest and just for the sake of information.

This story seems to be false.

Nobody really had previous work!

Nobody really had previous work!

That was very strange, to be auditioning with material that I had written.

I should have one, even for the most basic things — like, I go home and my refrigerator is full of exactly nothing, because I never have time to do anything but work.

Some of it could be chance, but a lot of it was them being able to detect these hidden gems of talent in their main casts Many of the main players from Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared continue to work with Judd Apatow.