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Had to go to the doctor for medicine, good grief! What are YOUR favorite condoms?

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Location is a private residence in South City area.

She says he's envious of her freewheeling lifestyle and feels left in the dust, especially now as the blog is going public.
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Mom's mental health went downhill, fast.

She took us under her wing, and brought us back to her corner of bar where she camped out every Saturday night with her friends.

I didn't understand why she'd forsake her other kids.

She's called it her second partner.

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I think this wood is Celam, a lustrous dark red with brown lines, a hardwood from Mexico similar to Mahogany.

After a year of exploring sex in so many weird ways, way outside the bounds of traditional monogamous relationships, we finally got to the point of partner swapping.

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Most of the wood he uses is found on the forest floor.

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In addition, I made this quick video reminding men that our group is not intended as a dating or hookup site.

Cooper here, I know, I'm a prick, but I'm ending it here for this week, you can pick up part 2 next week!

The person responsible for the firing did not respond to an e-mailed request for comment, even with anonymity guaranteed.

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