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Sue Jones-Davies on her time spent with the funnymen. Sue says:

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Today it is still widely considered one of the funniest movies ever made.

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There is one scene of full frontal male nudity followed by full frontal female nudity, but both scenes are not in a sexual context.

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The thing it is making fun of is that people will follow things blindly which is true.

Memorable scenes are Ceaser's barely understandable speech, a random space trip and a musical crucifixation among many other great scenes.

When it didn't, he sent people in under cover of night to paint the stones the right color again and hoped nobody would notice.

For the aforementioned window scene, the crowd was made up of Tunisian extras, almost all of them Muslim.

Endgame as he deftly avoids questions about his Marvel contract ending Lily Collins reveals her April Fool's pregnancy prank tricked her brother,

No word on Amsterdam's other offerings, but much alcohol was definitely involved.

Everything was put on hold while the Pythons scrambled to find another backer.

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Great film but lots of offensive and religous jokes If you get offended by religous or christian jokes dont watch but other than that its hilarious and as a non religous person the jokes just nude redneck girl pics perfectly and are hilarious especially the end.

Made with love in Chicago since !

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Fleabag, the new fashion icon who gets it so wrong, it's right!

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Sue recalls.

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