Low light nude photography.She is a beautiful woman but even the best of us have a few blemishes or blotches on our skin that can be quite eye catching in shots.

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At Portrait Academy all we focus on are tips and tricks to create better portraits. Try to learn something new every day. To get the light how I want it, I will typically ask the model to turn to the side and find an angle where she looks her best.

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Photographing Fruits — Berries in the Right Light.

If too much smoke appears in front of the model, the photo will be a white haze.
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This post is about Nude Photography and does cover a topic that some may find offensive.

If a model has a bad stomach, then ensure no light falls on it.
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Find photos that inspire you and think about why they are special.

The results were outstanding in my opinion.

This is easily the most important step to get the shot in camera.

The models are no longer seen as nude women, they lose their sexuality, and the photos become beautiful abstract works of art.

The same can happen with fingers where one finger can hide the others in its shadow.

In the end what we are doing is placing the light source at an acute angle to the subject.

I was so pleased that I have decided to frame one and enter it into a local exhibit.

The table can be seen in the video above.

As stated above you also want to light your model from behind rather than the front.