Mom caught me nude.She made me dinner with wine this time.

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I don't know. She made me dinner with wine this time.

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I came home from school early, not realizing that school was cancelled today due to a important staff meeting.

I found this thread in a google search after the 1st episode but I didnt post anything until this last thing happened.
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I felt myself starting to uncontrollably pee inside my mother, blast after blast instead of a stream of pee exited my body into my mothers.

The moans and groans coming out of Mom and I was so beautiful.
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She had my penis inside her mouth, her moaning while rolling her tongue all around my penis.

I was so embarrassed.

She got her supplies and sad to stand on this step stool type of thing.

She said she would like to role play with me.

I was about to fall asleep and she came in and said that I have to sleep naked tonight.

So, I'm going to turn 18 in this month and my boyfriend is going to turn 19 in November.

I was still thinking about what she means by role playing.

I automatically thrust myself into her going deeper with each gentle shove until I was buried all the way in my mom's vagina.

She then asks if mine is bigger.

I thought I did something wrong but she told me to put my penis inside her vagina.

Mom began to rock her pelvis against my face.

About 20 minutes later she says can I see it?

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I know some of you wil not believe it and I dont know if I would if it didnt happen to me especially if you knew this women.