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This includes sexist and rape jokes. I was so proud. As we were driving around, I spotted a strip joint and suggested that we stop for a beer or two, and of course, a resounding cheer went up.

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With chocolate sauce.

Sometimes, one can have an erection by thinking about another girl, you know, so yeah he can say "I'm not too atracted to you.
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He is the current reigning national drag king champion.

I lost the next round, and she then sat there cross legged in front of me, our knees touching, while she finished me off with her hand.
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Basically, just above average.

I'm pleading The Fifth!

She undressed for me, but as there was nothing to 'see' didn't know where to look for hidden treasures then I lost interest rapidly:

So one night all the 4-Hers who are in charge get together and at night all the guys get together to pass down the gifts of their posts.

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I was 5 when I played doctor with the neighbor boys for the first time, they were probably 5 and 7 at the time I believe.

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I asked, he thought a while and said, ok I will do it only if you all take off your tops and pants as well.

Afterwards I kept trying to sneak another peek, but was unsuccessful.

We ate burgers.

One day one of the boys talked his younger sister into joining us and removing her dress and knickers it was then her turn to dance and show of her naked body.

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He was already aroused.

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