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Big tits Now understand, I have done this probably hundreds of times over the years during my mother in law's visits.

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My cock felt like hot iron.

She nevers mentions anything like this around my wife.
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Thats not the point of the story.

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My mother in law, whom I had fantasized about on occasion was not totally naked right in front of me.

I gave her a few tips and she said that she will use them right away.

She said she wants me to understand that it will never be sexual because of her daughter but she gets alot of enjoyment from seeing me.

We are family.

Suddenly, I felt a tingle in my belly as I became very aroused.

I noticed that the top of her robe had come open a bit further and I could nearly make out her thick nipples under my gaze.

We never wear clothes or a robe in the morning when flicking on the kettle before heading to the loo or whatever so she's seen me naked lots of times and a few when I'm erect.