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We accept orders for artistic photographs to show the elite, business and other clients. Men of the radio waves.

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There is no harm with having pictures of people but I would look into ways to exclude inappropriate pictures such as the bathing ones.

Ballet studio of "The Nutcracker" invites you to the master-class on classical choreography and classic machine candidates from 2.
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The first to use the post models in a specific forum; the second to use the post models in private messaging; and the third to manage the post models in ACP.

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The jury has the right not to award separate places and Grand prix under the decision.

Team model agency and studio "Model-show" is always ready for an interesting new initiatives and projects.

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OMF-3 Marine Mammal Bycatch How can population impacts of marine mammal bycatch be evaluated in fisheries with poor data availability or quality?

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Heads of participants are obliged to support constant contact to organizers of competition-festival for reception of the necessary information and recommendations about passage of competitive actions.

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How can we better incorporate human dimensions into the management of forage fish and their ecosystem?

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At damage by participants of competition of property of a place of carrying out of competition, participants can be removed from competition, and the damage is compensated by heads of collectives.