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After years of abuse I just thought it Trainspotting 2 star and boxing gym owner Bradley Welsh, 42, dies after being shot in the head on Edinburgh The Twin Rivers School District told the station that last weekend, a photo of the naked middle school girl from Hillsdale Elementary School, located about 15 miles northeast of Sacramento, was sent electronically to some students.

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I was very confused

Even being equipped with the tools to be able to recognize these risks and
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However, when I turned 17 that all changed for me

I sat next to him bc my friend was
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Walking home from the stables after a riding lesson, I was attacked.

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His response?

In my time of need, I was surrounded by people and yet I was alone.

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He picked me up from my apt in Chelsea and took me to a restaurant I had never

Christine Blasey Ford famously testified against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination hearings last fall.

Bryan Davis, founder of Teddy Stratford, designs shirts that zip instead of button.

I was abused as a 7 year old child by my uncle.

Prince is due to travel to Germany on May 6 - after

I had no

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That day haunted me every night.

I know it is hard to share this burden, to deal with it again and again, to listen to stories that are triggering of the PTSD and to try to help the whole world and feel overwhelmed.