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A photo posted by Burning Man burningman on Sep 15, at 5: If you ask if you can play with a couple, you'd still need to ask, "Can I touch your breasts? Everyone was already so close as friends and this just made us that much closer. We all felt empowered, happy, and wild.

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That's why there's no festival lineup or headliners, except for Daft Punk who play at the trash fence every year.

Daytime temperatures are sweltering so most people aren't wearing much more than they would at the beach.
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I guess I had imagined lots of loud, porn-style, showy sex — but it's not like that at all.

An year-old Spanish farmers market is keeping it real Contains:
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I actually met an ex-boyfriend at the Great Canadian Beaver Eating Contest, a now-defunct event that promoted competitive cunnilingus.

They do education sessions, role plays, and hand out information packages about how to ask for consent, give permission, and effectively communicate your needs with a potential or ongoing partner.

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Almost had you fooled, though.

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Nowhere in the desert basin, or the playa, do all of those elements coalesce more magnificently than in the orgy dome , an air-conditioned sex haven where guests can visit in groups of two or more.

The gritty Hong Kong suburb becoming a new tourist hotspot Contains:

Just getting yourself and your supplies there is a major logistical undertaking.

Of course a lot of participants do drink and take drugs, but there's a lot more to the festival than a huge rave in the desert.

May Jul 3,

Your body is your own and so is your Burn; make of it whatever you want.

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At the last minute, photographer Peter Ruprecht yelled to the whole cast and crew to move to the upwind side of the fire and get at least one shot.

Activity time!

It's dark, and there's sensual music playing in the background.

Once a year, tens of thousands of participants gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert for the counterculture event.

A photo posted by Burning Man burningman on May 26, at 4:

What's your most cherished Burning Man memory?