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The work refers to Fluxus visionary Nam June Paik, whom many consider the first video artist.

He plays for the Panathinaikos as a striker.
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He plays for the Panathinaikos as a striker.

THE COMPOSER, performer, and visual artist Benjamin Patterson was one of the founding figures of Fluxus, the massively interdisciplinary international art movement that emerged in the early s, encompassing music, text-sound, sculpture, video, Conceptual art, and what later came to be known as performance art.
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But Patterson also intervenes in how we are to understand the history of contemporary art.

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Benjamin Patterson Browne has written:

Patterson and Filliou spent 24 hours in wandering Paris by bus, foot and subway to distribute these visual poems.

Johnson has also done his share of acting on the big and small screen.

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Nude black benjamin patterson:

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Others use ticker tape, string, telephone books, the imperfections in cheap paper, photographs of ants, things that look more or less like traditional scores, the footprints of wild beasts

The prehistory of Fluxus in Europe is generally traced to the performances at visual artist Mary Bauermeister's Cologne studio.

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