Nude brother and sister touching each other.What she described was within the boundaries of normal psychosocial behaviour, the suppression of which is the only real danger to healthy sexual development.

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Stuck in an elevator for hours. WalrusJones Dec 18, Reply Don't know what your partner gng to say about this, but anyway what I think is if you were with a sister instead of a brother, she would take care of you in the same way ur brother did, feels nothing wrong then, isn't it? P ashfaaq Dec 10, 1 Reply Nicely said.

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I was dirty from the accident and ambulance ride, and wanted a shower.
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Not to shower with him, but just to wet my hair so I could wash it.

He sometimes got those same sort of erections, but we never had sex or anything.
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Pants could not be unbuttoned, so he did that.

I tried to make peace with them, but it never worked.

So, he turns on the water, but I could not hold the soap.

I sort of got my panties off, but he needed to finish.

I felt them and squeezed them to see how tender they were, he liked it so I did it for hours.

To be honest, I never thought about the fact that I was jumping into the shower naked with my naked brother.

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We talked about it and we're still very cool with what happened.

I was 13 and he was

We might do it again, probably over February Recess when our parents are both at work.

She left and he slid it in and out of me so slow and it drove me crazy, especially when he took it out and reinserted it so deep.

Are there others that have had similar "harmless" naked experiences with a sibling long after puberty?

Kids are fascinated with genitalia, and really, why shouldn't they be?

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