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Perouze with one of her sisters.

Sarah Schmid, from Halle, Germany, has six children and gave birth to all of them outside a hospital.
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The hypnobirthing method is used in this homebirth video.

Before giving birth to your baby, it can be helpful to watch videos to see what labor and birth are all about.
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The video is very gentle, with no sound.

You may be considering a specific type of birth and want to know what it is like to give birth with a midwife, have a water birth, or in different settings for a home birth.

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Firstly here are some great birth videos you can watch at home, then if you scroll down further you can view my favourite online birth videos which are free to watch.

In this video they share the birth of little Cohen.

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You can read more about dolphins at human births here.

The aim is to reduce the fear and tension you may have about giving birth.

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The mother had two sets of twins before this birth.

A Doctor Warns:

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This is more a montage of images but I had to share this one which has well over 3 million views!

I knew he had fears about the birth — especially because it was unassisted.

Birthing with dolphins came about when an idea to combine the benefits of water birth and the demonstrated therapeutic value of dolphins.

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