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Some people, let it be noted, really need that ECON class. This book also reminds me that I would love to start a business that makes t-shirts using graphics from kid's books.

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When I hear books are banned I feel like people are trying to withhold information.

So that was enough made me want to pick it up and read it.
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Some of the streets and products in the drawings are named after his relatives.

Although they wasted no time pointing out the fact that he is naked, they weren't as scandalized by it as I remember.
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Back at the top of his bedroom—a space that by all accounts should be some three stories above him.

I can't wait to read this to my kids, but I'll buy a copy for myself.

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Unlike almost all of my fellow presenters today, I have the luxury of being able to read you the entirety of my story.

I was confused a bit by this story.

Unless it's a child that had a nightmare they were going to be baked in a cake and have them read this book to help them get over that trauma.

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It is inconvenient for these critics that the structure of the narrative underlines the fact that Mickey is usually dressed and, indeed, that this is the normal state of affairs.

It is not necessarily a bad story, but aside from controversial illustrations, there is nothing particularly notable here.

She later died from an overdose.

What a goofball.

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Sweet, but no Wild Things

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