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Over the past 30 years or so many players have been quoted in newspaper articles about their extreme embarrassment at being forced to undress in front of the media, but the league commissioners who make the rules feel it is more important to allow reporters into the excitement of the locker room than to think of the modesty of the athletes. There are even dimension requirements. Your Personal Items Do not leave personal items lying all over the place. But here you see people lap swimming in board shorts and t-shirts.

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I find it completely hypocritical the first comment being I'd be comfortable if I was in the women's locker room!!

Even the older YMCAs are eliminating these.
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The only thing in my hands is bodywash.

I think it all comes down to common sense.

It sounds extremely repressive in my honest opinion and feels quite unnatural.

Like no two guys can have a conversation in a large open shower without it being awkward.

And I'm going to talk to you, oblivious of your nudity, because I see you every morning and it would be downright rude NOT to mary ann barlow nude to you -- and because you have become, in a gym kind of way, a friend.

Sexual urge is much more triggered by scanty dress, as the advertising media well know.

To me a locker room isn't a place I go to to socialize.

If your not grown out of your"Freshman Freakout" stage by softmore year, good luck reaking all day in class.

Wow, this person who wrote this is ignorant.

So yeah, in that short time between taking my shower and getting dressed, why not let it all hang out?

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