Nude mod for wow.Whether modding is good or not, doesn't matter, fundamentally it is against the rules and you shouldn't expect Blizz to give a solution for it.

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I understand modding in itself doesn't give you any gameplay advantages, however it is not permitted because it messes up the game files and Blizz doesn't like that. Crashes will occur without one! I never understood why people would want to look at naked animated people on the internet when you can just see the real thing..

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Is transmog not an option?
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Game Master's have said so themselves, aslong as the other people don't see it, it's okay.

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But the conversation shifts when it comes to modding online games, and doors to skin modding also leave cheaters with an avenue to ply their craft as well.

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Is transmog not an option?

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Blizzard in particular appear to have a penchant for designing characters people want to get it on with, even if the developers seem pretty perturbed by the phenomenon.

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Just because someone SAID something doesn't mean it's true.

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