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Be aware that while we do our best to avoid spoilers it is impossible to disguise all details and some may reveal crucial plot elements. Search for: The short scenes with McCarthy are the funniest, as she brings her awkward sexuality to the table, making a funny-feast out of Galifianakis. Four men drink beer, four men drink shots of alcohol in a several scenes, we see glasses partially filled with alcohol scattered around a room, people drink alcohol at a reception, people gambling in a casino are shown drinking alcohol, two men drink shots of alcohol, and a man, while drinking beer, asks to take a turn driving a car and says he drives really well when he's drunk.

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This third installment in what was the hands-down funniest R-rated comedy franchise ever breaks from its traditional structure of waking up with a bad hangover and piecing together the events from the night before.

An infant is found crying in a hotel room closet.

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The scene at the very end of film after the credits, even , finally captures the wacky hedonism the franchise made famous and includes an actual hangover, Melissa McCarthy as the bride and Mr.

Unfortunately the former doctor in the cast, Ken Jeongwasn't onset that day to aid the actor.

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Ken Jeong, who plays hilarious gangster Mr.

Ken made the jump from medicine to full-time acting when he booked his role in the first 'Hangover' film and he described how he uses the discipline and intensity of practicing medicine in his new career, saying, "I kind of bring all that to the acting world where I take my clothes off sometimes.

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