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These can be easily installed in a non-destructive manner and easily uninstalled if it isn't the player's taste of game play. Originally Posted by kawaiipd I just would like to find some good female skins using the standard colors that you can pick and choose which you use. Well, there are plenty of nude clothes out there but you won't see the dangly bits because although the clothes are see-through and you see the body skin texture underneath, the clothes mesh is still there and that's the shape you see.

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Tends to get a mismatch between the head and body.

GO skin depreciation.
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Yes that's right as long as they are a default replacement mesh - I can't imagine why the Exnem skins won't work the same way.

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I'm bored with every guy I create having the same body and skin even though I do quite like the Exnen ones but I'd like to have some tattoos, different fleshtones etc.

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Simply copied the files nudeSims2.

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Sims 2:

Tested skin mods include:.

Girls in the nude say that because I have an ebony type skin suitable for dark elves, but to use that I can't use any of the packs that include all the skins at once.

Yes, both.

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Coz I've used that bar where u log in the codes, and none of them work!

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Simply copied the files nudeSims2.