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Ms Athena-Marie wasn't embarrassed about her scars being visible in the shots and said 'You can either fight it or welcome it. Samantha Geballe extreme weight loss When people lose a substantial amount of weight, they can often be left with rolls of excess skin.

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There is still a great disconnect from my body and I, but we are slowly mending fences.

Photographer Samantha Geballe, from California, started taking self-portraits in after she had a gastric bypass.
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They put living on hold because of their fears and judgements.

They put living on hold because of their fears and judgements.
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I feel like my life had surgery.

Samantha has halved her size in two years Her photography series, called Self-Untitled, has been instrumental in her journey of self-acceptance and battle with body image.

Lu-Seal was put on a healthy diet and given plenty of exercise.

Some people love pimple popping videos and find it relaxing but the rest of us would prefer a day at the spa to relax.

He tells each woman that his parents would love her, then asks for her number.

I feel like my life had surgery.

Julia Kozerski Kozerski is not the first person to share her story on the reality of dramatic weight loss transitions.

Shaun set up his phone on the beach to record the yoga, which Ashley had no idea would end in so much more.

One year later Samantha underwent gastric bypass surgery and used her photos to document her battle to be thin.

It was such a beautiful sunny day - and yes I was so sunburnt afterwards,' she said.

In addition to raising a daughter and pursuing a Psychology degree, Myah has picked up her bucket list where it left off

Instead, Kozerski was trying to capture for herself the physical and mental struggles tied with body image and weight loss.

Samantha added:

As weird as it sounds, I have some of them hanging in my home," she said.

All that worrying and stress means we'd need a whole second spa day!

Her nude self-portraits include close-up shots of Kozerski's post-weight loss skin and stretch marks, as well of a portrait of the artist in her wedding dress, now several sizes too big.

Lu-Seal was left at an animal shelter, weighing 16 pounds and unable to walk.

Samantha Geballe used to weigh more than 28st Samantha continued: