Nvidia adrianne nude patch.Because someone has the nude patch to get to work?

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It will only effect how stable your system is under load, like crashing or bluescreening.

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Does everyone else run it smoothly or is it just me lagging?

Sat Nov 20,
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So who knows such a mod, just tell me.

I tried the demo and I'd getting mid 20's in terms of fps and I can definitely feel some lag.

Notice how this thread has been seen 85 times, but your the first to reply?

Hi this is a patch for non-nvidia dx11 cards http:

Hi this is a patch for non-nvidia dx11 cards http:

That kind of confirms the v-sync theory, are you running your monitor at 60hz or another refresh rate divisible by 20?

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I was on Win 7 previously.

Please learn to read benchmarks.

Left 4 Dead 2:

MrFox , Apr 20,

I just tried it, and it doesn't seem smooth at all.

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Did a search for the unpacked files, moved them all into the bin folder, followed the rest of the instructions moved the original npk out,…everything works great!!!