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Harry, Hermione and Ron were still camping up and down the country in the tiny tent without much food and his thoughts were focused solely on finding the next Horcrux. No words were spoken as they looked into each others eyes. As it did Ginny pulled her head back and with a mighty loud POP her mother's quffle sized penis head popped out. Ginny moved her eyes down his body.

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Ginny then got up from her bed and walked over to her real scarlett johansson nude she ran her petite hands over her mothers left bicep as she did Ginny felt the muscle under the tight skin pulse with physical and magical power.

Then her eyes moved down to her mothers thick mammoth muscular thighs and calves with there huge pulsing veins but it was the enormous bulg in the front of her mothers red and white stripped cotton panties that was the big surprise for as Ginny looked at it the bulg seemed to grow 4 inches bigger.
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Harry turned off the water and helped Ginny out of the shower, lest she fall.

So one day after we both tried to use the bathroom she cast an enchantment on the doorway.
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And I understand masochism.

As an image of Ginny formed in his mind the note became warm and Harry felt a tug in his stomach as he pulled the note out.

They kissed softly at first then with increasing urgency.

I'll meet you back in the common room later.

This is where I always wanted to be with you.

When he got the captain's badge for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, she asked him to treat her no differently than the others.

He had not been in their yet, he had never seen the point in investigating.

She was no longer a tongue-tied little girl, who made a complete fool of herself in Harry's presence.

Instantly the feeling of overwhelming pressure inside her returned and Ginny moaned softly as her rapidly dwindling stream returned in full force.

Harry whimpered and bent his head to her feet, marvelling at their divine perfection.