Samantha geimer nude pictures.In January, Mrs Geimer filed a legal declaration in Los Angeles formally requesting that the outstanding charges against Polanski be withdrawn.

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Our first person narrator is Samantha, the victim of the episode with Roman Polanski, and the ongoing victim of the court system. Here is your explanation.

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I would have been ok with you copping to watching his movies, but then you had to keep going….

Like WHY?????
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But the back-and-forth discussions are interesting.

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Michael Jackson was the epitome of this.

A list all the way.

What most people know is that Roman Polanski left the United States prior to his sentencing in the case and has never returned.

This book is written by the survivor of the infamous rape and her lawyer.

Soporificat says:

So they justify it.

People are so quick to cover their asses instead of taking responsibility for their horrendous actions.

Film director Roman Polanski is under investigation for rape again.

Focus on NOT just Roman but the girl who has come out with a book, and deserves respect as a person — not just Romans victim.

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Plea deals are negotiated by the prosecution and defense, not the judge.

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From actual rapists themselves?

And he has never come back to America to face his punishment.