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I understand and know that the penis is typically small during a flaccid state and it can grow much larger when erect, however, this looks comical. I want him to sit on my face. I mean his ass is nice and juicy, but his penis was soft, a lot of dicks turn into massive monsters once they hard.

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Yeah OK, that is bollocks!

Those images have gotta be photoshopped.
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Let it be known we would have done more than just hustle Mr.

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Jul 15,

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Tiny is cute.

Anonymous 7:

COM is an adult website that contains age-restricted content.

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He chose the gayish shit!

Juice June 12, at 3:

I know this is stupid to ask but is anyone in Hollywood normal and not gay?

If so; what r ur thoughts?

Apr 29,

Terrance openly stated that he would attack a woman before a man.

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Check the guy in the background because his looks small too.

Jul 20,

Great Nudity!

Damn right I got me a silver Fox!

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