The human centipede nude.Your lips and anuses are cut circular along the border between skin and mucosa, the mucous-cutaneous zone.

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Bill murdered three prisoners before they could be part of the centipede; one with a stoma, one who is disabled and another who wanted to be part of the centipede who Bill killed because he didn't want anybody to enjoy it. And where to even start with the film's treatment of Bree Olson's character? Heiter goes through with the surgery.

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Lastly, due to the fecal matter not being able to nourish every other person in the centipede, the prisoners would be treated to regular vitamin and mineral injections.

He then started shooting off some of the segments in the front half before running out of bullets and slitting their throats.
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The three all try to escape, but ulimately fail, and Dr.

There's no definitive answer to this, but to be honest I don't particularly care to find out.
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Result Edit Just as the last segments were attached to the prison centipede, Governor Hughes arrived to the prison to see if Bill had improved the state of his prison.

This method allows the prisoner to leave the centipede with only minor scarring around their mouths and anus.

First of all, the segments would not have their knee ligaments permanently damaged.

This reduced the centipede to only 10 people.

Bill then murdered Dwight to prevent him from taking credit for the idea.

Bill was also proud of the fact that centipede connected people from many walks of life a muslim next to a jew, a crip next to a blood, a republican next to a Mexican , claiming that it brought "peace and good will to men".

Spoiler warning ahead!

Surgery Edit "I'll explain this spectacular operation only once.

Two American women are on a road trip through Europe when their car breaks down in the woods.

Dick used this opportunity to violently rip his face from Ian's behind, separating the centipede in two halves.