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Taelith Taelith 10 years ago 17 By the way that nude patch at nudecreator. Playing something on Steam. I downloaded all 3 files them a minute ago and had to problem unzipping them.

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February 25,

This removes top and pants from Axumi here in the first two suits of armor.
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February 25,

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I want to make my own mod, but I can't find the player textures to do so.

This video shows the fight against the Giant Pango and the one against the last boss in this game - Jay the Possessed.

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This new Version of the Mod includes the new armor types you unlock when you finish the game and has upgraded graphics.

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Xblades nude skins requires TexMod Not included in the archive.

IlXxCloudxXlI posted

I have Texmod but when I run it in game the player texture is not in the list when I scroll through them.

Xblades nude skins requires TexMod Not included in the archive.

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