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Thats where MS needs to moderate. That sentence was referring to if Microsoft forced users to see the same content on PC. Everything related to the Xbox One.

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What defines a video game is not clear and cut, for example I can't tell you the point where casual becomes hardcore but I can tell you that sexy nude older women souls is hardcore and candy crush isn't it's and gradience thus we must treat the gamers that play them as such, so there is a difference between these gamers.

I'm sorry too, for calling you out like that.
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I'll refrain from taking advice on my mental health from someone who can't even cope with some salacious social media feeds, thanks.

I want them gone too, maybe we can find a decent rule they could bring in.
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I just want a better community and I think a lot of people in this sub would agree.

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If you think you have to be a man to succeed, you will try to be a man to succeed.

A "blight"?

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At the moment I am regularly seeing slut shaming going on in the gaming community, and it is almost exclusively instigated and perpetuated by women.

They totally fit the "gamer gurrrrl" stereotype.

I'm not "into" anything of the sort, and this is not what was being complained about.

I'm no one.

I just want to play games, and maybe stream a TV show once in a while.

I'm not demanding Microsoft do anything.

I will add though that I don't really care for gamers that have to make it known they're a girl.

I think MS stepping in and specifically dealing with this differently than any other spam is wrong, but if it is legitimately spam then there is already teri polo nude images against it surely.

Then these 'gamer girls' are doing exactly that.

The way it is manifesting itself is often through the publishing of photographs.

Whilst this is still relevant today, the rise of female gamers has also brought about some interesting issues in itself.

We get blamed for stereotyping gamer girls by saying they aren't real gamers and that they are doing it for attention Something I think we don't actually do generally.

And I could care less where people's attention goes.